Monday, 26 August 2013

A transformed Living Room!

We have been so massively blessed this year.  Not only do I get to soon go overseas and see my little brother get married, but we have been able to go ahead and finally renovate our lounge.  Thank you to our parents and our friends, we feel so much love.   Our lounge has gone from a perfectly average 1970s room, to a modern spacious space.  We are loving it!  Here it is at christmas time last year.  We never used that tiny fireplace even once.  
And then back in June, we had a big surprise when kindhearted Shane offered (actually, insisted) to take out our fireplace for us so we could get on with the project. Remember this blog? 
Shane's help kick started us into painting the ceiling and windows, stripping the wallpaper and hanging new paper, getting a TV up on the wall and today -the grand finale - the carpet went down, transforming the room completely.  

 We had lots of fun pulling the paper off and getting our DIY kiwi fix.  We discovered the original doorway before the extension was added on, and we found about 4 different wallpapers - a real history!

We also couldn't have done it without our parents.  My mum repaired the ceiling, and helped us when we struggled to paint it.  She painted our windows for us too, because she just knew what a difference that would make.  Mum kept encouraging my impatient self not to rush jobs but to do everything properly.

Murray had the horrid task of taking down our radiators for us so we could paper behind them, then putting them back up again.  Those suckers are super heavy, and we were a bit concerned about his back, but we are just so grateful he made the time to help us before they went overseas!

David and Jenny gave up their Saturdays to help us wallpaper the room, which is actually a lot larger then we thought!  It took two entire afternoons and into the evening, but we did it.  David was a great teacher, making sure we both had a go at doing the work ourselves so that we have learnt a new skill.

And then there was the most exciting bit - today we got our new carpets! We couldn't quite afford to do the whole house, so the bedrooms have to wait until next year - making them look even more shabby now that our halls and lounge are so flash.  We spent Sunday afternoon moving furniture and the evening pulling carpet up  - Marty carefully covered all the nails in the corners of each door with a bit of underlay so the kids wouldn't accidently step on them - and the bookcase went out on the grass for the day!

 I tried to be patient while the carpet layer was at work, keeping Luke busy with water play, some baking and T-ball (TV was not an option today).  As soon as I was able to, the books were back in the shelves, the pictures were hung on the wall...and our lounge looks and feels like a lounge again for the first time in months.  And what a lounge it is!   I am loving this room.  It feels so comfortable and spacious and clean.  Ahhhh.  So big thanks to those that helped us, we will never forget your time and love that you poured into this room for us.  

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