Saturday, 7 December 2013

The great Christmas car rally

Our church social team organised a car rally for a fun Christmas event, and we were quick to sign up.  It was heaps of fun, from the moment we were given our sheet of instructions and our starting time.  With cryptic instructions (all 91 of them from start to finish) like "turn right at a grumpy street" (crosses road) and "turn left at ho-ho-ho roundabout (joll road), we managed to make it through the list and answer all the questions (what colour is the trim at number 511?).  It only took us 2 1/2 hours!!!! Kate did some busking for our neighbour, who kindly paid her for her efforts, and Jaimee was delighted that we found heaps of cars featuring her initials for photos next to (we later found out it was only one pic/point - but we managed to find 10 license plates thinking we had zillions of points!!!) 

With me hobbling throughout town on crutches and Luke racing around, we did rather well I thought. The girls loved it, already asking if we will do another one next year.  At the finish, we shared a relaxed BBQ with the others, laughing as the kids raced after and tackled the lolly man (seriously, he was pinned with baggies of lollies!).  We'd didn't win the rally, but we did win the best candid camera photo for our pic of Luke on his horse at the racecourse - in his emergency gear,  which was a bonus point challenge. Check out some of the fun we had with these photos which had to be handed in alongside our answer sheet! 
Found my initials in order on a license plate, yes!

Luke poses on his horse at the racecourse. In emergency gear for extra points! 

 Luke shakes hands with a man with a beard for bonus points. He was actually in our competitors team and didn't want to until my baby boy reached a pudgy hand out, he melted then for the cute baby secret weapon hehehehe! 

My foot is on ice at the moment after hobbling through town to get this photo on the sheep! Lovely family pic tho!
Half of our team were meant to have a photo in the tree - so we figured that meant two and a half of our team! 
 Crammed into a phone booth, just a few passers by staring at us.
Kate was so delighted to find this vehicle moments before finishing the rally quest - it was the only one that worked for her initials: Kate Mikayla!

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  1. This sounds like heaps of fun, I want to do one!

    Love the pics, & also Marty's festive tie :) What a fun family outing.