Thursday, 6 March 2014

First netball game!

Netball NZ have just launched a new version of netball for year 1 & 2 kids. Kate gets to play for 7 weeks for a term, just enough to get a nice taste of this sport that mummy avoided like the plague growing up. She was so excited for her first game today. Her team is called the Angels. Appropriate for our darling hehe. Check out her tiger face during the drill games:
Her classroom teacher is the coach, and also a bit of a sports nut - she runs the school netball, t ball and rugby groups with her competitive leadership style (which we sure saw today as she got these 8 littlies into shape!). 
This version of netball was much kinder then the kind I remember - everyone on the team was sure to have a turn to score a goal, and to start with the teams took turns handling the ball and getting goals. Then things got serious - just when it was time for Kate's turn to get a goal, they introduced the rule that if the team drop the ball, the other team can get it. Kate's team were all into racing down to the goal instead of sticking close to the ball, so they had to make long passes and she was all fumble they kept losing the ball to the other team - and the other team stuck so close together they could just hand over the ball, so it took a while before she actually got her goal, but she did it eventually (with a bit of a set up by the coach, but still!) The goals were nice big hoops held low by adults of course. Hehehe. 

Kate had a blast, and looked very cool out there with her friends, even if she did keep waving at me with a grin instead of watching the game. And jaimee is now super keen on her turn next term! I wonder if this is the beginning of a netball journey for our family? 

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