Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Goodbye Grandad

Well, I haven't had much time energy or motivation to write a blog this month, but the whole point of this blog is to have a diary record of our lives as we live it- and I would be ommitting a pretty big part of our lives if I DIDNT write this one....

This month our family has had a horrid run of the flu, a cough, worms, tummy bugs and even chicken pox.
Luke & Grandad just last month at Luke's birthday
But the toughest thing we have been faced with this month by far is the sudden and unexpected death of the kids much loved Grandad (Marty's stepdad).  His huge heart attack last Wednesday left us all in a surreal state of shock.  We had just celebrated his 65th birthday a couple of weeks ago and he was a picture of health.  There had been no chance to prepare ourselves or indication of trouble.  One minute he was with us, the next he was not.  God must have called, and he went running.  A lovely way for him to go to heaven - but much much too soon for those he left here.  The whole family have been in lockdown at Granma's house over the last week as we comfort her and each other and come to grips with a new reality.  We took the kids to say goodbye to Grandad and left him with loom bracelets and artwork made by them.  We talked about how Grandad didn't look quite like him, because the part that made him special was in heaven now.  The kids have been amazing through this whole week.

  Marty gave a beautiful Eulogy at the funeral on Monday, that left everyone lining up asking him to do the same for them one day! Here is a little of what he shared:
"I can safely say that we are all very surprised to be sitting here  today.  God in his great wisdom decided that it was the perfect time for David to come home, but for us right now it feels way to early."

...He  was an avid gardener. He has got the complete fruit and vegie section of a supermarket growing in his back yard, which has completely ruined and taken over the famous 501 Hastings Street Backyard cricket wicket! He had also been taking horticulture courses to further his passion for his gardening and he was probably just about to add some cows, sheep and chickens to cover the meat and dairy side of things and then he would have his own supermarket. But David absolutely loved his gardening and something he got much enjoyment out of. (And by the way Paul - your on Lawns!)

David showed his love through his actions rather than his words, but let’s face it was always very hard to get David to say anything (hehehe). But it was through  his practical help that he showed not just his love to Jenny but also to us Kids.  He has helped us all on various projects around our houses.  He would quite often grumble about it but if you asked the right way like “Would you show me how to do this so that I could do this project?”... he would be more than happy to come and show how to do it and then let you have a go. So if you were real clever you would keep stuffing it up - and eventually he would have done the whole project for you because he liked everything perfect! 

..and he ended with these words:
"...So granddad it is with great sadness that we have to say good bye, but we thank you for being a part of our lives and we thank God for the blessing that you were.  We will miss you. We love you."

 I spoke on behalf of Grandad's 8 grandchildren, after gatherings ome thoughts from them.  Here are some of the memories from me and my kiddies.....

"I can’t remember the last time that I called David by name.  He was Grandad first and foremost in my life because he lived the Grandad title so well in in our family.  Grandad just adored his brood, and was pretty proud to boast 8 special grandchildren under his wing.  Grandad was as present in the lives of these children as he possibly could be – attending countless school prizegivings, sports games, productions, recitals, church events, birthday parties – as much as he could cram in.

Jaimee simply smiled and said “He was SO funny” upon my questions.  Like all the kids who had a sleepover, her favourite memory of  Grandad is when the stayed the night.  It was tradition to get up early in the morning and jump into bed for a cuddle with grandma and granddad, before literally PUSHING granddad out of the bed, with great ceremony, lots of giggles and fake grumbling of course.  

Kate giggled as she recalled her 5th birthday party which started another granddad tradition.   Grandad had joked often in the leadup to her party day that she would have to give him the biggest, yummiest, corner piece of her  cake.  It was his piece he assured her time and time again.  On her birthday, without any prompting or reminding and surrounded by friends eagerly waiting for cake, Kate yelled out: “WAIT.  Grandad HAS to have the corner bit first!”  He laughed and laughed and took great delight in his special treatment.  And Grandad has had every corner piece since! 

Luke is only 3 years old, but when I asked him about Grandad even his face lit up with animation.  He told me a very exciting sounding story, (that I didn’t understand at all) – but I did pick out a big dinosaur “RAAWR”.  I often found Grandad stomping around the house like a dinosaur chasing a giggling Luke.  Don’t you know that “Rawr” means I love you in dinosaur?

...These kids loved their granddad.  They know that Grandad loved them.  They will miss him.  We will miss what he gave our children.   God must have really needed him in heaven to take him from us so soon.  Maybe someone there needed a granddad like ours." 
Grandad's 8 grandchildren will miss him lots
It's hard to push publish on this one.  But we will never let the memory of Grandad fade, and when we read back this blog over the years about 2014 and all that happened, my children will remember afresh just how they loved him at this time.


  1. I don't know what to say guys, so sorry for your loss. *big hugs*