Friday, 11 July 2014

The Shocking Revelation

Its been one of those days of excitement and tears. We had new carpet laid finally (only took 5 years) in the bedrooms, so yesterday everything was hauled out of bedrooms and stored in the 2 lounges and we spent the night at Granma's ...much to the kids delight, who after playing musical beds (driving mum and dad nuts as the 3 of them kept swapping beds with each other) finally went to sleep.

In the morning we left them with Granma while Nikki went to work and I went home to meet the carpet man.
Once the carpet was finished being laid by early afternoon and Nikki arrived home - we started the process of putting everything back - including the re-building of bunk beds (which went a lot smoother than the last time we had to rebuild the bunk beds). With kids rooms restored with a slightly new set up for the girls room with an L shape bunk, we decided it was safe for the kids to come home.

And this is when the drama unfolds.  Jaimee and Kate are excited about the new set up. Upon pulling up in the the drive way Kate says "my heart hasjust done a loop de loop". They race inside.  The 1st thing Jaimee says when she sees the beds is "I'm not going to fit under the top bunk, I'm going to hit my head every time I get up". 
"Probably why you will sleep at this end of the bed" I say. 
"Oh! That works" she says.

And then Luke asks the big question as he looks at the girls beds "Where is my bed ?"
"Here's your bed, in Luke's room" 
Uh oh.  The hands go straight over the face the head drops and the tears and screaming begin in dramatic style as he protest that he doesn't want Luke's room! "I want to sleep in Jaimee and Kate's room" he cries.... And continues yelling and screaming that he doesn't want his room for ages.

Eventually I manage to calm him down by playing some sort of spider man game with him where we throw our hands in the air in various formats making weird sounds like spider webs are coming out of our fingers and yelling "you missed" or 'Oh no I'm trapped" (Somehow I lose this game every time). During this time mummy has quietly made Luke's bed in Luke's room and built up his favourite train track. Mum is delighted to get it out of the lounge, where we have been stepping around it since he got it.   After our game has finished and Luke has gone off to his room, I walk in and say "wow this must be my room". "No this is Luke's room" comes the reply from one little lad sitting happily on the floor playing with his trains in "his" bedroom. Whew. Crisis averted.

Its now dinner time - Mum has gone off to get dinner - mainly cause I'm on cooking and I cant be bothered so its fish n chips - Luke comes to me and says "I'm hungry" and I say "That's good, mummy has just gone to get dinner". And the tears start again 'I don't like that dinner - I want sgetti' (he says this every night cause when he was sick and wouldn't eat he was allowed sgetti every night).
I try exciting him - "But its hot chips".
Nope.  "I don't like it I want sgetti" he pouts.
 But the dramatic scenes don't last as long this time, as I get him to help me carry our drawers into our bedroom and he begins to delight in telling me how strong he is. So have a happy son again. yay. (And he happily ate his dinner).

Dinner has now arrived home and Friday night is generally movie night, so the kids are given the choice of Star Wars The Empire Strikes back or The Ice Princess - Luke yells "star wars" 1st (which surprises me because any time he hears the word princess he wants to dress up like one).  So The Empire Strikes Back it is.
The first 20 minutes of the movie is spent answering Luke's questions of "Who is that ?" Anytime someone new is on the screen.... and of course he is always excited when you say "That's Luke" when Luke Skywalker is the answer.

As the movie goes on Kate and Luke tire of it and they head off to bed - Luke crashed as soon he the pillow, leaving Jaimee and me watching the movie 
Alone, as Jaimee has now become hooked and is following intently and asking questions to help her understand and follow it more, especially when Han Solo gets carbon frozen. And then the crucial battle between Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker begins, "Dark Vader keeps coming out of no where - he is really tricky" she says "But I know who wins, the good guy always win". 

Then the crucial line of the movie comes up...the bit I had been waiting for to see what her reaction would be: 
'Luke I am your Father !"

And nothing absolutely nothing.

no reaction no comment nothing 
she doesn't say a thing!
 I'm sitting there thinking 'have you not heard the most crucial line and the shocking revelation of all movie history'.... and no reaction. I'm crest fallen (just as Skywalker is as he is screaming "its not true it cant be true").

 Jaimee says why is he crying like that -I reply with well "What did Vader just tell him"?
"He said he was his dad ?" She replies. 
 I look at her. she looks at me...her eyes getting bigger as suddenly she realises what she has just said.
She gasps.
 And asks "Is it true ?" 
"Yes" I say. 

"Oh My Gosh" is the stunned reply, "why didn't they tell us before ?"
"I did not think this was going to happen" "Where is his mum ? What happened to her ?" "Whose side is he going to chose? "It's his Dad - I would probably chose Dad." 

Nikki walks into the room after settling the younger kids.  'Mum Mum did you know Dark Vader is Luke's Dad ? - He's his Dad"!!
 Nikki gasps in pretend shock "really? Wow, that's a plot twist". 

The movie ends and she is like begging "can we watch the next one - I have got to find out what happens"

Sorry darling - its bed time - and off she goes - one hooked, excited, shocked little girl. yay !!!! :) 

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  1. ha ha, love it! I'm so pleased the wiggles years are almost behind us and we can start watching some more complicated plot twists with the the older kids. Nothing beats it when a favourite movie of your own becomes your child's favourite too aye. Great read Marty and arghhh hate putting up bunk beds too!