Saturday, 22 November 2014

Fireworks night

This year marked the first year we celebrated guy Fawkes at a "home" level. With an invitation to a bonfire, BBQ and fireworks at a friends home I purchased my first fireworks since becoming a mummy. I brought sparklers - feeling a bit tame asking for them in the shop that was teeming with people spending hundreds of dollars (really? Who can afford to blow up that much money?!). 

My kids were excited - they didn't even know what a sparkler was, I had to explain them. "But mum, is that safe?" Jaimee asked doubtfully as I explained the sparkling stick she was to hold. 
Luke was even funnier - he got within about 100 feet of the fire and started yelling "it's burning me, it's burning me" dramatically. No Luke. It's not. He screamed and cowered until I had him settled on a log and he realised it wasn't burning him and he was fine. 

Trying to get sparklers into his hand took about 3 sparklers of over exaggerated "fun" by mum with one, especially after witnessing Kate scorch a finger on her first try.  But eventually sparklers became swords/guns/light Sabres/ wands and he was having "battles" with daddy (2 feet away from each other of course!) 
They didn't pay a lot of attention to the actual fireworks except to cover their ears and complain about the bangs. We took them to the huge speedway show last year and I may have wrecked the coolness of home fireworks after exposing them to the big ones! 
However, they loved roasting marshmallows, staying out late and sparklers. They loved the farm and the friends. They had fun and we did too. Awesome xx

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