Saturday, 14 February 2015

Jungle fever

Animal mad Kate just had to have a jungle party this year - she picked her jungle dress out 2 months early!! It was a super easy cake - cut straight from the garden, plonked on a choc cake with some animals!

With 11 children and 9 adults at the party, I was gutted it was cold (so much for the pool entertaining them) but thankful it wasn't raining and the kids could run around outside between activities! 

We had 3 hours of party, but it flew by with crafty animal mask making keeping everyone busy, a big 2 course lunch spread to get through and then presents and cake time....and iceblocks...before more jungle games planned by Kate: pin the tail on the tiger and hunters (boys with nerf guns) get the animals (screaming girls).

Kate had a ball and was so blessed to have her friends and family there. Earlier in the week we had celebrated her "real" birthday with Katie joining us for McDonald's tea after a swim on a very hot day!

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