Saturday, 19 October 2013

All the small things...

Movie night this week was "Epic"
Just a few snapshots from our kid's lives that I reallly should record before I forget or they pass...

LUKE is proving to be quite the onto it young man.  He often asks me, with his hands on his hips: "Hey!  What are you DOING?" .....or as I am backing out of the driveway he will say to me "HEY!  Where's seatbelt on?".  What an observant boy you are Luke!  
And I mustn't forget how cute it is when at meal times he bows his head, clasps hands together and says "Dear God.  Food. Amen".  Sometimes he will say it several times if we werent ready the first time! He loves "movie night" too -asking us at the end of each meal hopefully if its "movie night?" If we say no...he does his standard dissapointed Luke  reply: "oh" with a downcast look and shoulders hunched in sadness.  

THE GIRLS have this odd facination with rearranging their stuff into different containers, areas and bags.  I sort their room out, put everything in its place just right and think there.  Done.  Tidy. Organised....And then they come home from school, empty out every pencilcase, container or box they can get their hands on and switch everything around.  It drives their mother nuts.  Especially when I can't figure out their logic at all.  Why do they cram all their pens and things into one little pencilcase and then have 3 bags on their dressers with bracelets in them?  Why?!  That is just annoying for an organiser. 
OK, I know that they are just following in my footsteps.  They also love to be organised and arrange things in a certain way.  But when will they cotton on that their way is the WRONG way.  Sigh. (and a smile).

Well, thats it.  Not much, but priceless memories.  Not so priceless is the way I currently am sneezing all over the keyboard, blowing an already sore nose for the hundredth time today.  I declared mummy was having a "day on the couch doing nothing" today.  That lasted about 4 seconds.  By the time I hung out the washing, made the bread, tidied the place up, put the slowcooker on, did the grocery order...well, it was lunchtime.  And then Marty went out.  Sigh.  I did manage to sneak in a couple of Dr Quinn episodes and update the family tree a bit though...and now the kids are in bed, and my blog is written...I am off to snuggle up with the X factor and my husband.  Except he is staying away from me.  Maybe I will snuggle up to a lemon honey drink instead!  Till next time...

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