Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Princess spinning

Luke came running out with one of the girls princess dress ups tonight. "Mum mum, luke princess!" He said, thrusting the dress at me. 
"No darling, that's for girls. Luke is a boy" I gently broke the gender bad news to him. With two older sisters, he was crestfallen that he couldn't join in the fun. 

"No. Luke princess. Spinning!!!" He insisted, giving me a twirl to demonstrate what he wanted to do. 

I sighed - we have this at playgroup each week too whenever he sees the dress ups, my boy just loved the feeling and sight of fabric circling around him as he spins the biggest spin he can. At playgroup we get away with it by giving him the Maori string skirt - perfect for Luke: masculine AND awesome spin factor. At home I don't have such luxuries. 

Relenting, I let him wear the dress for A few big smiled spins before insisting it was for girls. "Luke dress up." He pouted at me, the mean fun spoiler.  I suggested we go find the boys dress ups, and off we all went to take a look. Well, firemen outfits, knights and doctors are all pretty awesome - but they don't SPIN do Luke doesn't want a bar of them. I tried the superman cape, he gave it a few test spins and then tugged it off. "No spin" he said, disgusted at these dumb boy choices. 

Finally I had a brainwave. I hunted out the  Hawaiian flax skirt I brought as a joke for my friend a few years ago and tied it around Luke's waist securely. Surely that isn't too girly. 
"Spin Luke spin" I promised him. "Spin?!" Luke replied hopefully before testing it out. Swish, the yellow stuff swirled out beautifully with a lovely swishing noise that Luke fell in love with. Big grins. "See mum?! Spin, spin!" Many many spins followed.

One happy boy, spinning like a princess just like his sisters get to.... 

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  1. Murray suggests, "Wear a kilt!" Very masculine!