Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Birds and the bees

We had taped "look who's talking" to watch as a family, but as anyone who has seen this old classic knows, ther is quite a scene where the whole "making a baby" scenario is played out in full.  Hmmm.  I suddenly realised that if we watch this movie, that will be Kate's first introduction to sex ed... And that was not my grand mummy plan at all! 

So out came our special book called "before I was born", which we had read to Jaimee last year but not Kate at that stage.  It's a beautiful book, telling the story of Gods plan and design for us as women and men and as married life partners and how that all works together. It's matter of fact but written appropriately and beautifully.  

I recall Jaimee getting to the end and asking " you and daddy do that?!". No giggles, just wondering questions.  I love that we introduced this to her, not tv or peers. 

So when I picked it up tonight, Jaimee was all smug. "I know this book. I know about this".  There were a few giggles this time when describing the boys special parts.  Kate's big comments at the end of this story? Of all the questions she could have asked....she was most curious about umbilical cords and did it hurt when it was cut and how did it attach?  We were able to talk about placenta and periods briefly after that line of thought.  
And that's that.  it's done. My girls have the basics explained simply at their level, in a safe comfortable way, around discussion with their mummy.  
....And I guess that means we can watch "look who's talking" one day after all! Hehe 

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