Monday, 22 June 2015

Croup strikes again

Well Luke, you had your drama last night for sure! Time to record it for future reading material for you.

All day you had been coughing with a dry cough, and I mentioned to daddy that it sounded croupy. Didn't stop you though, you were running around playing wii with daddy (swordfighting of course) and then joined in with the fun at messy church too. At bedtime we gave you some ventalin and Vicks and propped your pillow. 

But an hour later, I could hear you coughing deeply with every breath you took, even though I had headphones on and was in the lounge! When I checked on you, I could see you were struggling to get a breath, coughing like a seal with your eyes large and chest heaving. 
I whisked you outside (night air always helped your sisters in croup). No change. I considered the shower steam and yelled at daddy to get the steroid medicine the doc gave us after the last croup attack. But another couple of bad breaths from you, mummy instinct took over and I grabbed you and the car keys and headed off  to the hospital as fast as I was allowed to! 

The nurses could see immediately that you needed fast help, and you were whisked straight down to the emergency department. You needed help to get breathing, so they put a mask on you and you had to breathe in special medicine for several minutes. You cried and cried sitting on my lap, but after 5 minutes you were calmer and breathing well again. I took a photo to send to daddy so he knew what was going on, and then the nurse grabbed my phone and took some more, trying to distract you in your tears! 

We needed to stay for a couple of hours after your medicine while they kept an eye on you. You shook a little from the adrenaline but soon were resting under a blanket, a monitor attached to your toe. 

The nurse who looked after you was really nice, she even found a charger for mummy's phone so I could update friends and family! 

After about an hour, the steroids kicked in and you were very happy! You were chatting to me about what songs you sing at church that day, describing little einsteins episodes and commenting on all you could see. We even sung the ABC song together. You kept asking when your special nurse would come back, I think you liked her a lot. Finally, after a two and a half hour stay - at 10:45 we were allowed to go home to bed. 

You woke up at 8am the next day, tired and coughing but breathing normally. Whew Luke, I'm thankful for Gods healing touch and wise doctors! 

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  1. Lucky he was alright i would be very sad if he had died from Jakob