Saturday, 6 June 2015

CSI at our house

On Friday we arrived home to find the curtain rail on the floor and the small high window wide open. My heart sank as I ran into the lounge and the girls yelled out "mum, our stereo is gone!". The front door was wide open, the key gone. Drawers were open, clothes and jewellery  tossed aside. The iPad was gone, as was the iPod touch and a cellphone. We were all shaken as we rang the police and checked in with neighbours. The kids cried and slept in the same bed that night, Marty and I couldn't focus well on anything. I felt so violated, some stranger had dared come into our personal space, walk around in our home taking what they please and see our photos on the wall. It's unnerving at best. But I was grateful that they had left the big items (although that irked me - will they be back!?!) and That I was able to wipe the iPad remotely of personal info. So this morning the police showed up ready to take fingerprints and do their CSI work!
We joked with them about the show (they can't stand watching it as its so fake and wrong) and they commented if only they also had Maseratis to drive around in! 
The kids were fascinated as they dusted for prints and used their blue light and magnifying glass to see the results.
Jaimee watched with wide eyes until lovely Bruce offered to do her print! So pressed her handprint on the glass and Bruce dusted it and showed her the results! Can you spot her print up by the Lemon tree in the photo? Pretty cool, so Luke had to have his done too. Pity they didn't find many prints from our unwelcome visitor though. 

We had to be printed too, so they could eliminate our fingers. I've never had that done before, was a bit weird after all the TV I watch! They showed us the footprints they found and explained it was a basketball shoe and how they knew. They assured us they probably won't be back, they are more intereste in the smaller items like iPads then home computers. And they recommended getting a home Marty is putting one in right now! What a weekend. Sheesh. 

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