Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Jaimee is 9

Jaimee was very excited about her birthday.  She left me this note beside my bed the night before.  I giggled, and made sure to say "Happy B.Dad" to her in the morning....
 When Jaimee woke up she wandered into my room.  Luke was already there, and said to her: "wait a second Jaimee". He wrapped his arms around her. "I need to see how tall you are". I smiled and said "is She taller?" Luke replies; "yep. So She's definitely 9!!!".  We all giggled.  He is certain that taller comes with birthdays!

Jaimee had the choice of when to open her presents (the party is Friday), and chose this morning.  She was happy with her coloured modelling clay, puzzle book, sewcool sewing machine, pictionary game and new top.  But her favourite present was her animal print shorts she said.  
For a special treat, daddy and I took jaimee out of school for a lunch date today. She said she felt weird walking around with us on a school day! We had a yummy muffin break lunch together. 
After school, she was delighted to have Paige come to play  (who sadly missed our snow trip last weekend with her brother sick). With phone calls from grandparents, as well as reading her all her Facebook messages - she said "so many people! Tell them all thank you mum". I think she felt super special and loved today. 

It was pancakes for tea tonight: her choice! Yum yum! And with that we have. 9 year old in the house. Love you jaimee. 

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