Saturday, 22 August 2015

Slumber party

Jaimee has been planning a slumber party for her birthday since her birthday party last year. She has read books on the subject and collated a list of things that must be done, from movies and midnight feasts to scary stories and makeovers. She insisted it must take place in the lounge, and invited 3 of her closest friends. Kate was not invited, but we got around that one by letting Kate have a friend stay the night in their very own party space. 

We kicked off the fun after school, with the girls tagging along to swimming lessons! Then it was home for pizza and chips, joined by the extended family for a chaos few hours of food, present opening and cake blowing. Jaimee had asked for a "spooky" cake this year, guess she is over the many years of princess themes! I asked if a spiderweb full of bugs would suffice and was thankful that was spooky enough! 

Once all the family departed it was time to get the kids snuggled up with movies so Marty and I could clean the messy kitchen up! The younger 3 (Kate, Ariel and Luke) settled down in front of their favourite movie "animal United" and the older 4 girls soon swapped out scary "jumanji "for a gymnastics themed movie called "a second chance". There was lollies and popcorn for all! 

After the movie, the younger ones were straight to sleep and the older ones told funny stories (spooky stories were decided too scary) before I told them it was time to settle down at 10pm. By 11pm the last children were fast asleep. 

The next morning at 5:30am I heard a voice "hey, wake up". I yelled out "no, too early!" And all was quiet for another hour. Whew. It was pancakes and fluffy hot chocolates for breakfast, followed by the games jaimee has arranged. None of the girls realised that putting lipstick on your whole face is not easy to get off. Lots of flannels later they soon learnt...

The girls finished off their party with a round of pictionary and making felts with one of jaimees gifts. Lots of fun! Now where is that coffee....

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