Friday, 23 October 2015

Lukes writing

Lately Luke has developed a real interest in writing. He has just "clicked" as to the shapes and sounds a letter makes, and enjoys trying to write letters that he knows. It probably helps a lot that his sisters have been playing schools with him over the last couple of weeks! He can now write his name easily too. Today he wanted to do some writing, and as he wrote random letters carefully in a line he asked me to read them to him. "What does this say?" He asked me as he added another letter. 
He was getting a bit frustrated that his letters didn't make a lot of sense when read out and I tried explaining that he needed to do letters in an order to spell out words we know. Well he didn't like that very much but soon came around to the idea. 

"How do I spell dinosaur?" He asked me. I spelt it out for him, sometimes reminding him what a letter looked like. When he has carefully written the whole word I was so proud of him, telling him" wow Luke you wrote dinosaur! I can read this word!". His grin said it all - he was so proud to have worked out how to put letters in a usable sequence! We went on to write things he saw: window, book. Clever Luke! What is school going to do with you?! 

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