Sunday, 25 October 2015

Nana, legend.

Today we Celebrated a very special occasion. The matriarch of Marty's family, his amazing nana, turned 90 years young. She has lived through the Napier earthquake, a horrific war and some amazing changes in this world and has taken them all in her stride - nana has a tablet, email, and a laptop and will be reading this blog! 

Nana is a legend. She still lives in her own home and walks into town. She is actively involved in church and her craft group and still does all the family mending and adjustments.  Each school holidays she has the great grandchildren over to do a little craft project and she has patiently and lovingly taught the girls how to use a sewing machine and how to knit. 

 Our beautiful Nana insists on paying me a little pocket money to vacuum her house even though I would do it for nothing....and Luke still maintains the most important part of that fortnightly visit is the mint from her lolly jar that is always waiting for us - we can't leave her house without that mint! He loves going to nanas, they feed the birds together. And when nana comes for dinner every fortnight, Luke and her have a race to see who can eat dinner the fastest! Even our cats love nana, oozing attention over her just as she gives it back to them. 
A big Happy birthday nana, you are an absolute legend in our books. You are sweet and kind and fun and speak "family" to us all. I never had a nana who lived so close as a child, one who came to every birthday party (sorry about that noisy 'bounce' party nana!) and every school play. I know that it's so special to have her in our lives and we treasure her as she deserves.  Here are some of my favourite nana moments this year:  
  ....See you on Thursday for more Downton Abby Nana!! Xxxx


  1. Wow, she sounds so amazing - happy birthday Nana! Living legend indeed :)

  2. I really like you post,Thanks for your sharing.