Friday, 15 August 2014

Girls theatre night

Tonight us Trowbridge girls joined the Dempsey girls for a night at the theatre. Perhaps not the wisest of nights to be tucking the girls up at 11pm with jaimees birthday party tomorrow-  but that's the way the cookie crumbled, and There is something magical about Peter Pan that I didn't want to miss. 

And to be honest, the show was great (hook was incredible, pan could really sing and tinkerbell was silently brilliant)...but I spent half my night watching my own two fairies, who were so excited to be at their first big stage production (since angelina ballerina a few years ago!). About 3 songs in, jaimee turned to me and loudly whispered "this is a musical, I can tell". Kate was delighted to spot our church friends on stage and kept an eye out for them closely in each scene. 

Kate sat in her seat with legs neatly crossed at the ankle, hands folded in her lap, and big eyes taking it all in. Jaimee sat on the edge of her seat, mouth slightly open in wonder.  They gasped as tinkerbell flew through the sky and worried as hook poisened pans medicine. We all stood up and clapped and yelled "we do believe!" When tinkerbell was dying. Some stories just don't age.  What a great girls night, may those memories be treasured for years to come. 

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  1. Your girls are so beautiful Nikki. I love that they still look so little. Keep them that way until we get back please. xxx