Monday, 11 August 2014

The Redwoods

How is it that I have managed to live 11 years in the Hawkes Bay and haven't been to the famous Redwoods yet?  It's like living in West Auckland and not visiting the Waitakere Ranges.  Oh drat, that reminds me - we haven't taken the kids there either! Note to dad - remind me to plan a bush walk next time we are up! 

Yep, I have been up and down Te Mata peak several times, but had not yet done the pretty walk through the bush to the Beautiful Redwood grove until today.  Perhaps because over the last 9 years I have been pregnant or with a toddler, perhaps cause I'm just not that outdoorsy.  I asked Marty why hadn't he taken me there yet and he pondered that with a "hmmm, yes I've taken you to all my other girlfriend spots!" Ok, maybe they weren't his exact words, but he did recall some spotlight games at youth group that I would not have approved of! 

Anyway, the whole school went up today and I tagged along as a parent help.  I haven't been teaching these last few weeks due to holidays, school swimming and teacher only days so it was nice to reconnect with all the kids and be "Mrs Trowbridge" again.  

We bussed the juniors up the narrow and steep road to the peak...brave driver, not so brave me who was praying the whole time.  The top of the peak was freezing but the day was clear and the view was, as always, amazing. 

 After lunch it was off for our bush walk to the Redwoods, a first for all us girls. 
What a beautiful spot!! The walk was so pretty, with lots of interesting changes to the scenary to keep our attention.  The kids loved figuring out why it was called "the redwoods" and listening for the Tui.  

I am definitely bringing the family back and I'm sure we can create some better memories for Marty here! 

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