Friday, 29 August 2014

This and that

Just a few random moments to chuck in the memory tank.....

- Luke has to have "3-5-6" books read to him every night. This usually means about 10 books. He can count on his fingers to 5, and recognise numbers to 5 too. But he always asks for "3,5,6" when he wants lots (another example he uses this for is breakfast cereals). I wonder where 4 went? Guess it's a bit like how all his ragged old cuddles are called "new-white/blue-cuddly" even after years. 

- Luke looks so cute in his dino onsie. He  gave strict and clear instructions to daddy with hand movements and very Ernest expression: "first - we put the green (dino) one on. Then - the blue one goes on the top"

- Jaimee MC'ed her school assembly today. She had to use a microphone, introduce herself in Maori and call up each speaker/item. It was pretty major. I asked if she got nervous. "Nope, it was easy" she proudly replied. Taking after her daddy who is a great MC. 

- We all pray every day together on the way to school. The other day I was praying for opportunities to let Gods love and Kindness shine from them that day. That night, I asked the girls what Opportunities God had given them. jaimee recalled that she had stood up to her peers and made sure all the kids were allowed to join the game they played. She clearly knew God had helped her be strong and courageous. Love God moments. Must remember. 

- Kate burst into tears tonight as we talked after swimming.  It had been a tough lesson where she had really been challenged to grow. This again led to some great discussion about persevering and practice... but mostly, it was just special to be a comfort when she was feeling tested and worn out.  My Kate is naturally so happy-go-lucky and cheerful, i felt proud that she let herself be honest with me. 

- speaking of Kate, she declared it sisters day the other morning. She cleaned up her sisters bowl from the table after breakfast, and didn't stop there. She rinsed the bowls, stacked the dishwasher, wiped the table and put away all the stuff on the bench. What a helper! Not just sisters day, but a day for mummy too :) 

- I'm preparing to go to Auckland for a week on Sunday. I'm off to go to shook at Carey Baptist College for a whole week block course (9:30-5:30!). I'm so excited, but also nervous about all the readings and 3 massive assignments due the next month...right on the Light Party! Marty is confident about his week with the kids, he said they have a routine going on, not to worry. What a man. 

- and here's the girls being girly for mufti day in their pretty dresses and hair extensions! The next week it was tiaras. Long may it be tiaras and dresses xxx 

...So that's us for now all caught up with some special things tucked away xxx 

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