Monday, 20 February 2012

Art Deco Picnic Fun

Sunday was the annual "Great Gastby Picnic" that we always attend with mum.  It is part of the Art Deco celebration week that is held here in the Hawkes Bay, and is always heaps of fun.  The picnic is free, you just come along with your picnic gear (and for many that means tablecloths, best silverware and platters of goodies)and get dressed up, and enjoy the atmosphere of the 1930s.

The kids love that the whole family get to dress up...lots of people hire or have their own very awesome costumes, but we tend to make do with whatever we can throw together from our own wardrobe, combined with a few cheap accessories collected over the years.  I was a rebel this year by wearing evening wear during the day (I just couldn't find anything to wear!) while the rest of my family went traditional.  I decided that I was the film star mum from the 30s!!

Kisses for Granny
Of course, the food is always delicious (thanks to combining efforts with a group) and I just love walking around people gazing.  There is always lots of bands playing traditional music, different displays from the era, a zillion vintage cars parked up and a whole variety of people dressed up in every kind of "art deco" outfit you can think of - I talked to one "bride and groom" dressed in full costume who had been posing for photos outside their gazebo for the last THREE HOURS!

Our Group!
The air show was spectacular over the beach this year - Luke was totally transfixed watching the war helicopter in particular, which went so close and low that you could feel it in your whole body. When the war planes come that low and fast over the beach where we are standing, you just expect a line of gunfire to come at you because it is like something out of a movie.

The annual family photo

All picnicked out!!!

We had a great day, and completely tired out the kiddies!  Till next year.....

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  1. Sounds lovely! I always look forward to seeing your pics from this event.

    I love your dress - & the persona, great idea. Doesn't Marty look dashing? I love his hat!