Friday, 17 February 2012

Nikki, This is your life!

So what did I get up to this week?

Saturday was Kates birthday party.  All year she has been asking for a party at the "water park" (Cornwall Park has a kids splash pad) and we figured February was a pretty good month to have a park party - especially after a very unpleasant birthday party last year pregnant on the hottest day of summer (36 in the SHADE!). Of course, I hadn't counted on having the worst summer EVER.  It rained.  So we had 16 kids and 16 adults crammed into our little house on a rainy can only imagine the chaos.  Actually, I'm just impressed that none of the rasberry fizzy spilled on the carpet.  The party was 2 hours long, it took about another 3 hours to get the house back to normal!!

Sunday - well, you already read that blog.  No need to go back there.

Monday was one of my last working days at Rascals, and as per usual I was running late to work.  Dropping the girls off and then getting to work on time at 8.45am would seem a pretty achievable goal, and every Monday I get tricked into thinking I am going to be sweet...until the girls remind me that I haven't brushed their hair or I discover Luke has poos just as I pick him up to leave.  I spent the day juggling a 9 month old (first day, not a bottle or breast in sight - never a good combination) and my own sweet boy who wouldn't sleep longer then a 20 minute stretch, so woke up all the other kids with his protests.  Love.

Tuesday.  What did I do Tuesday?  Oh yes...the teacher incident.  I made the mistake of asking Jaimee's teacher for advice on teaching her addition skills.  The teacher suggested that I leave that to school.  I ended up writing an email to the teacher on the importance of parent partnership and then spent the evening holding off tears because that is the way I react with any confrontation.  Yep, even an email that I initiated and the teacher hadn't even responded too.  I worked myself into quite a state, panicking that she would now hate me and would treat my child like scum.  What had I done?!

Wednesday I parent helped.  Teacher was fine.  I loved hearing the whole class read me their books one by one (as I secretly ranked them against my own genius who was reading at a level above some of the older ones in the class).  Later in the day, as I madly rushed around baking and vacuuming, It dawned on me that it was very silent in Kate's room where she was playing.  As I got closer, I realised the door was shut.  Any mother knows that silence + a shut door = UH OH.  I pushed the door open and peered sign of Kate.  Where was she?  And then I found her, fast asleep in her new little pop up tent with her dolls. This the child who hasn't had a day sleep since she was 2.  Although I knew full well that if I let her sleep, she would be up all night...I did it anyway.  No way was I going to give up time with BOTH the kids sleeping!!  I sat down and watched the end of Mrs Doubtfire.  Bliss.

Thursday.  After a hectic day at work, I picked the girls up and headed home for my weekly coffee date with Vicki-Lee.  Gosh, that was chaos.  While we attempted to have adult conversation and coffee I cleaned out the rabbit cage, unpacked the girls bags, got up and down again and again to sort out numerous fights and fed hungry children (including Luke, who has this nasty habit of pulling himself off the breast to turn around and grin at the guests, leaving me rather undignified and exposed every 30 seconds).  So much for adult time.  Good grief!

On Thursday evening, we left Gramps in charge and headed out to embark on the first session of a 7 week marriage course.  No, our marriage is not in any trouble.  But we like to maintain it by servicing it once in a while with some good healthy communication and discussion.  It was really fun, and we had a good giggle as we individually answered questions and then compared our answers.  During a discussion about the importance of undivided attention, Marty realises that the background music they are playing is from James Bond, and sits there telling me which movie he thinks it is from.  Sigh.  Men.  Ah well, he is not a talker naturally so did very well on the whole!

Friday would be today.  The curriculum I had been waiting on for 3 weeks at work FINALLY arrived, and I spent a very frantic day getting the lesson for Sunday ready as well as checking it over for the term ahead and preparing it.  Whew.  After hamburgers for tea, we had our weekly faithbox session with the kids.  While I was reading and explaining about how we are all important parts of God's body and all had special roles to fulful, both girls put up their hands to ask questions.

  "Yes Kate?"
"I want icecream for pudding"
"No, but anyway, we are doing faithbox time now...what Jaimee?"
"God made everything"
"Yes darling, he did .."

Marty and I have finished off the evening on a TV marathon, trying desperately to clear the MySky of some of the 25 shows we taped through the week on series link (yes, i counted them the other day - 25!!!!).  Didn't quite get through them all, and we are out so much at the moment with bible study, meetings, golf and marriage course we probably never will - but on the up side, we never have to watch liveTV so can always fast forward the ads.

 So there is a week in my life.  I hope it was entertaining.  Tomorrow it all begins again, so I am off to bed!

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  1. I am tired just reading that Nix! How do you do it?!

    Sounds like you're having a lot of fun though, & that's what counts right? :)