Tuesday, 10 September 2013

How long does it take for hair to grow ??

Good evening, I thought with Nikki away, I should do a small blog on how this dad is getting along without his wonderful wife as she lives it up on the otherside of the world. Now unfortunately I dont know how to add the wonderful pictures she does so this is a picture free blog.

We are at the end of day 4 since she left us and to be fair - I dont know what she complains about this is a breeze - ha ha ha ha ha ha.

No I jest its not a breeze but we are doing well all things considering. But lets go back to the beginning. Last week I had been rather unwell and hadnt taken 2 days off work but went back for the last 2 days of the week, by Friday lunch time i could feel myself going down hill again so I left work early and came home and went to bed. I drifted in out of sleep much to Luke's disgust who came and kept getting me out of bed with his current phrase "come on guys !!!" - eventually i lay on the floor and watched dispicable me with the family. After that kids went to themselves I somehow did the dishes and went to bed myself at about 8:30.
So much for the final night romance before the wife left me ! In fact with me being sick the week plan of romance went out the window cause she didnt want to be anywhere near me. Which is fair enough under the circumstances either that or I was having very ugly week which we all know is impossible with me being the hunk of a man that I am.

Anyways Saturday I woke up feeling better and I had a bit of colour back - but just to be safe I decided it was best for me to miss my niece's birthday - didnt want a whole of lot of kids to get sick. Took Nikki to the airport and sent her on her way. Luke slept through the whole thing - until Mummy was actually walking on the tarmac to the plane. Got home from the airport and we set to work doing the saturday jobs - and organising dinner - of course we had no oven so just picked a freezer meal and heated that up, by this stage I had developed a rather painful cough which felt like a 1000 razor blades cutting my chest everytime i coughed. I got the kids to bed and I sat down to watch the all black game - by half time I had developed a major fever and I dont remember the 2nd half of the game at all as I drifted in out of sleep and waking with the pain of the cough everytime i coughed - and the hotter i got the more i felt like throwing up and i hate throwing up so I would do my best to cool down which would make me feel marginally better but then my temp would go up again, but to add to the drama Kate came to me with the croup cough just after midnight and Im like oh no - this is not good, im struggling to look after myself I dont think I can cope with you either.

So Kate slept on cushions on my bedroom floor - so she could least be near me but away from fever - by this point I had told Jaimee that I was really sick and that she might need to look after us or maybe just Luke, I think it was good telling her in the pitch black so that neither could see how scared we probably both were at this point.

Well we made it through the night and I thought that I better get to to the doctors so I made a phone call to mum and she offered to take the kids for the day - which was awesome - so Thank You Grandad and Granma. I spent the day on the couch watching tv all day - and the kids well they went to church with the grandparents and very much to their excitement Mitre 10.  Yes thats right my kids went to mitre 10 to play and they loved it. So next rainy day and you cant go to the park take the kids to mitre 10 and let them play there.

Now because I had quickly taken the kids to Granma's I had forgotten to 1st of all brush their hair and 2nd of all take a brush now I discovered how bad this was Monday morning when I went to brush the girls hair for school and I now completely understand why girls need to brush their hair all the time. KNOTS ! I couldnt even get the brush to move - it was crazy Knotted and unless I used a fair amount of force I was going to get a long of screaming at this point I was thinking how long does it take for hair to grow should I just cut it off - it will grow back before mummy gets home surely so off I went to grab the

soft bristle brush and do their hair the best I could to make them look neat and tidy for school, we managed to achieve that and we sorted out the knot thing at bath time that night. Overall we are doing well - and there are no major disasters or tears or anything like that yet and the kids seem to be coping to.

Almost forgot 1 thing and I am so claiming this but while I was getting petrol on Monday morning I got invited to dinner by a rather attractive lady - Im like yeah Im getting picked up at the petrol station I still got it oh yeah.  So of course I said yes - ok sure it was my wifes best friend who was asking me to dinner which her husband (my cousin) and their 2 kids will be at as well - but Im still claiming that as a pick up at the petrol station - so take that Jeremy Dempsey your wife wants to have dinner with me ha ha !!!


  1. Haha you are awesome as Marty! Keep the updates coming :D

    Particularly love "I think it was good telling her in the pitch black so that neither could see how scared we probably both were at this point." Best. Ever.

    Seriously though, bummer you have been sick but glad to hear you're all better now. Yes, keep brushing their hair - & be thankful it's not curly. Mine would self-"dred" itself underneath if it wasn't brushed, becoming a ridiculous matted mess.

  2. Love the blog marty, you are doing awesome with the kids. I can relate to the knotted hair as ellas is curly and when i go to do it she grabs the comb or brush and puts it back in drawer as she dosnt want it to be done

  3. Marty I have discovered the best thing for tangle free hair and its called Macadamia oil. Half a pump (like a liquid soap pump bottle) does both the girls hair and it lasts for 4 or 5 days before needing to do again. I used to use a tangle free spray (Aimee's is curly) which was only half successful but have had only the odd little tangle which comes out easy since using the oil.
    Good luck with it all and keep smiling.