Sunday, 15 September 2013

THE wedding of the year

I officially have two sisters named Danielle now...and my brother Daniel of course!  Daniel and Danielle's wedding was yesterday and it was wonderful.  It rained Friday, and today (Sunday) there are gale force winds and rain.  But Saturday was picture perfect sunshine and calm.  It was a gift from God, a real blessing over everything.  When we arrived at the gorgeous old building, Daniel greeted us with clearly nervous with excitement hugs.  He couldn't stand still.  We had placed bets on how late Danielle would be.  I won - only 15 minutes late.  Daniel and Danielle met on the internet through a gaming site, and the wedding had subtle tributes to their gaming life - streaming the wedding live all over the world, guests who they had never met in person before arriving from Canada, Sweden, America, and a whole range of other places - and even the wedding soundtrack was full of songs from their favourite games!

The wedding was so beautiful and tasteful, with the most beautiful personal vows that they wrote for each other and a prayer of blessing from my dad.  I had to giggle as Danielle took several minutes to put Daniel's ring on his finger - Marty had the exact same issue with my own ring at our wedding (must be a family thing!).  Daniel later told me he had ordered the beautiful cobolt ring a size too small with great intention - he wanted to be assured it wouldn't fall off no matter how much he fidgeted with it!

At the reception, I did my usual chatterbox thing, flitting from table to table, chatting to Danielle's lovely family and then moving over to"the gamers" (they hassled me for labelling their group that, so I told them the could label me "the family") and then back over to my own family.  Daniel had some kiwi touches - the cake had tiny kiwi birds on it, walking along scottish thistle - and our table was called the "whanau"  (Danielle's family table was called the "nuthouse"!!!).  Everybody was so friendly and welcoming, making me feel a real part of their family over here....and  I think I may have found a kindrid Spirit in eccentric Aunty Joan!  I was up on the dance floor with the first fast song, being flung around the room by Aunty Joan in a series of twirls.  Even Josh got up for a boogy with his big sister much to my delight!  Danielle's dad wowed us all by singing a series of songs with the band, and the speeches in the evening were completely entertaining and funny - even though the best man tried hard to assure us he was not funny at all.  

When mum and Murray were ready to leave at 10pm, I was torn.  I was so not ready to leave the event we had come all this way for yet!  One of Danielle's friends happened to be nearby and quickly offered me a lift home with her boyfriend at the end of the night.  What a blessing - he is a bus driver so all I had to do was tell him I live on the 23 route and he knew just where to go.  Danielle partied right till the end, although I reckon Daniel was more then ready to leave and get to the luxury 2 story penthouse apartment they had been bumped up to for the night.  It was such a blessing being there, and I feel so lucky to have been able to see my brothers special day.  Welcome to the family Danielle, you are very welcome here.

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