Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Thoughts from Scotland

I'm siting here flicking between Facebook, "what's app" (texting Marty) and my brothers gaming forum boards - it is a bit fascinating reading all their comments on the wedding. Or let's be honest, I have always enjoyed hanging out with my little brothers friends to his utter annoyance and I'm just reprising that big sister role. His friends make me laugh! Rather happy that his best man referred to me as a "livewire" rather then the expected "crazy hypo". He even said I was a "genuine pleasure to be around". Please keep this in mind friends. I am a genuine pleasure to be around. And don't you forget it! 

Right now we are meant to be on a drive out to Stirling and Linlithgow, but the car has a puncture which is delaying things a. Couple of hours back. So I'm huddled il under the blankets for warmth - Scotland is freezing! It was literally 8 degrees yesterday - and their summer only ended last month. Silly if you ask me. Glad I brought a coat.

I have this terrible habit of picking up people's mannerisms and sayings when I'm around them. So I have found myself saying " I canny dae it" (I can't do it) or "I dinny dae it (I didn't do it) rather a lot. Murrays mum is such a wee sweetie, she says "oooo goodness" In her soft scottish voice a lot (we kiwis probably are rather shocking), and i totally find myself saying this several times a day myself now. .. and i love Danielle's saying "awesomesauce" and was delighted to learn my new sister also claps her hands when excited or happy. I think my church family think I'm nuts when I randomly break out clapping in the middle of a quiet worship song, but hey, I have a kindred spirit after all! 

Speaking of kindred spirits, apparently I have one in the funky aunty Joan. I asked my brother josh if he reckons I will be just like her at his children's weddings one day. He couldn't get the yes out of his mouth fast enough. Lol! That's ok with me though, cause everyone loves aunty Joan who introduced herself as an Oompa Loompa with her new tan, wraps you in a massive cuddle  two seconds after meeting you and flings you round the room in a tango. She told me I can come stay with her anytime, she thinks I'm just lovely. So I love aunty Joan and have adopted her and her family. In fact, all of Danielle's family is pretty amazing, every one of them have unique and strong personalities which are such fun. Wonder if I can convince them all to come home with me?! Maybe that is how I can convince my new sister to come home with me and meet my man and babies.

Poor Marty has been having a rough time off it this week. The kids ears have convienently switched to "off" and he is learning all about that familiar mum guilt feeling of "I had good intentions of lots of fun but then it all went to custard". Poor guy, I feel for him. He had been so supportive of me being here. In sympathy for the poor man, I have gone lingerie shopping so he has something to look forward to upon my return (wink wink!). 

And now I must get up from the warm bed and find a coat and one of my (several) new pairs of shoes to done for our outing. Till next blog.....

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