Wednesday, 11 September 2013

The Journey to the other side of the world!

Ok, so I know my husband is proving to be a better blogger than I, but that't not going to stop me from saying my bit!  I said goodbye to my family on Saturday feeling oddly calm and a bit "this-isn't-really-happening-today" about the whole thing.  Saying goodbye to a fast asleeep and oblivious Luke was probably the only time I almost cried.  The girls couldn't have cared less, racing around the airport with barely a kiss goodbye - in fact, Kate tried to say goodbye to me early because she wanted to go upstairs and play! 
In Auckland, I sat and crocheted (such a nana) for a couple of hours, waiting for the others to arrive.  We had dinner with Anneke, Danielle and Garrett and now that we were all together it all got a bit exciting.  The flight wasn't too bad I guess, but I only dozed and my bony backside didn't cope well with the seats at all.  We arrived in Singapore at 6am local time, and immediately got changed into our coolest summer gear.  Even at that time of day, we noticed the heat immediately when we stepped outside - it was identical to walking into a hot tropical glasshouse and breathing in that instant hot humid air.  We were sweating by 9am!  
The buildings in Singapore are amazing. They are ultra unique and modern, but with so much greenery everywhere, it is like the jungle is trying to take back over an urban area - or like someone dumped a city smack in the middle of the tropical rainforest!  
We spent half the day shopping at the markets, which was an experience in itself.  Jam packed with stalls selling cheap clothing and jewellery, and ladies waiting to take your money as soon as you even look at an item!  I did get a few bits and bobs, but was quite shocked at the lack of range - it seems to me that in Singapore, you are either buying cheap skimpy woman's clothing, or Prada and Louis Vutton!  There was hardly anything for men, and I didnt' find one children's store at all.  

That night we headed to the much anticipated Night Safari tour, with our 69 year old "mother hen" clucking over us and making sure we were not dilly-dallying!  We all enjoyed the tram tour, seeing everything from Lions to Elephants, Hyenas, porcupines and bears.  They were  lit by spotlights only at night so that it was natural like moonlight, and they were really active and alert.  It was awesome, as was the fire breathing show that followed.  

Check out these amazing structures in Singapore - this "boat" sits on top of 3 high rise towers and dominates the skyline.  It has a boat up there, with trees growing and a walkway that all run along the whole three buildings!  Awesome.  And these UFO looking pods are like giant plants that are found in the Gardens by the Bay - I loved them.  Although I am not sure what this baby statue was about - WTF?!

Then it was off to the airport - after only 2 days and 1 night in Singapore - to continue our journey to Edinburgh.  Unfortunately, this flight (also a night flight) was not much better - although in a HUGE plane with nicer seats.  We didn't sleep that well and I was reminded how blessed I was NOT to be travelling with my children in tow!

By the time we arrived in Frankfurt for a 5 hour wait for our flight to Edinburgh, I was completely jetlagged - not so much tired (I had dozed for hours) but very dizzy and even now as I type, I feel like the world is tipping back and forward and round and round....It keeps moving!  I need bed.

It is so so great being here with Daniel and Danielle.  Within 5 minutes I could see how great they are together, she is so lovely and I am excited to get to spend more time together with them this week.  We had dinner in a noisy happy group of 8 tonight, and are off to explore Edinburgh tomorrow.  But for now...I am going to say a skype hello to my family and then am finally off to bed for the first time in far too many hours!!! I wonder who will get to write the next blog - Marty or me?!

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