Saturday, 26 April 2014


My cousins and auntys and uncles come 
by Jaimee

Today my cousins came for the afternoon and we went to Frimley Park and had an Easter egg hunt in the trees.  (Edit later by Jaimee: aunty Cheryl hid the eggs for us)

After that we played on the rope pole swing and played in the fountain that was flossed with water.  Kate, Brianna and me were drinking from the fountain.  Then we played in the trees.  
The game was called witches and fairies.  Then we found a tree that had a soft ground so we made it the tree house for the game.  Then Kate found a Forrest that she wanted to play in.  We both replied "yes!" In a loud voice.  So we all ran to the forest with Kate in the lead so that we knew where to go.  Finally we were there and started to play when Alijah came along and we started to play with him.  We played on the playground and had cuddles with Aedyn.  

After, we went to the car park to go home.  We got a treat with Carls Jnr.  I had a hamburger with chips.  My drink was L&P.  Then we went home and had ice cream and watched Planes.  Dusty was afraid of heights.  Luke kept asking me to draw him a duck. So I did.  I don't know why, he kept asking through the whole movie.  When I went to bed I dreamed about my day.  The next morning I asked mum to do our nails - she was playing Zoo Tycoon 2!

Added to her log later.......

My nails were painted red, purple and pink.  I got my toes done as well.  After, I asked dad if I could have chocolate and he replied yes so I got my chocolate and ate it up.  When I went outside I got the flubber (that's goo stuff) - and played with it.  When Kate came, she got the flubber out of the bowl and she filled it up with water. Soon she told me it was lunchtime. I had 4 sandwiches, cheese and yoghurt.  Then Kate said let's play some games. First we played operation, then Dora bi-jingo then memory. Then we went to Hastings Central school to ride our bikes. We played in the playground most of the time.  Dad told Kate "did you want to bike home?" We replied "yes!!!" In a soft voice.  When we got home we sat and watched full house and grandad stopped by to tell us they were on a bike ride too.  While mum went to granny's house to feed her cats, I did the dusting and fed the cats, fish and rabbits.  For tea we had baked potato and feijoa pudding.  Then we read in bed until 7:10pm.  

(It finished there, as that was lights out time!).

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