Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Farm day!

 We are surrounded by people who love and have access to horses, but it's only now that I have finally gotten around to organising a trip out to ride horses in the holidays! 

Eleysha, her sister Hannah and her friend all came along to introduce us to the horses they help look after at our friend Ted and Alison's farm. The kids loved racing around the farm, helping to brush down the horses and were fascinated as they watched Eleysha clean their shoes. Jaimee asked her "does it hurt them?" Curious about this new thing. 

All the kids got a ride around the paddock, grinning away happily. Luke wasn't shy at all, making me giggle as his little body swayed heavily with each step!
 We were very lucky to be joined by Alison and her grand kids, who had bread for the ducks (Luke almost fell in!) and iceblocks for the kids. 

After their ride, the excited kids galloped around the paddock themselves, neighing and pretending to be horses, making the teenagers laugh. Nutters. 

Then we walked over the hills to see all the new and noisy calves, who had the girls in hysterical giggles as they sucked strongly on their fingers (or entire hand!). Luke didn't like that feeling at all, pulling his hand away quickly and declaring "I need a wet wipe!" With a grimace. 

It was heaps of fun, what a cool school holiday treat. It's cool that we are blessed to have people like this in our lives who open these experiences up to us, and give us the added bonus of the opportunity to get to know our church family better at the same time. Thanks Eleysha, thanks Ted and Alison, we can't wait till next time! Xx 

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