Saturday, 26 April 2014

The fairies by Kate

The fairies 
A story by Kate 

Once upon a time in a magical world there lived three fairies, who were friends.  Their names were Milly, Lilly and Molly.  They lived without any parents, but they were always good.  But sometimes the bad fairy cast a spell on them.  And then a prince came along and fought the bad fairy, and the bad fairy died.  So the three fairy friends could be good all the time.  And the prince stayed with them, so if another bad fairy comes he could fight it.  

One day, a happy frog was jumping on the Lilly pads.  Molly and her friends came to the pond.  The frog jumped up to them.  Another frog jumped up too!  It was starting to rain, so the friends went home.  The frogs followed them.  When the friends were home and they shut the door, the frogs were with them inside! They put them In a glass cage with water in it and some stuff to hide in.  The frogs were so happy that they had somewhere to live and then the frogs had babies.  The prince thought it was so cute and so did the fairies.  Milly said "shall we go get some food for them?".  Molly and Lilly replied "yes".  So they all went to get some food for the frogs and their babies. 

The end 

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