Saturday, 6 December 2014

Do the funny kiss with me!

Luke gave me a cuddle tonight and I said "aww thanks I love you. Kiss?" Luke leaned in for our favourite peck on the lips. Aww.

And then he said "hey mum, let's do the funny kiss!".

"What's the funny kiss?" I asked smiling.

"Like this":

I laughed. "Oh ok", thinking this was some baby thing he has seen his little cousin doing. I opened my mouth and pretended to kiss him.

"No mum, you go like this":

I'm confused. And then massive giggles from jaimee and Kate clue me in. Kate explains "we know how to do the funny kiss! Like you and daddy do!" Between giggles. 

Marty and I start crying with laughter as luke once again tries to french kiss me. Apparently they think this is what we do, one person has mouth so wide it envelopes the other persons entire face, while the other person makes a fishy mouth and deals with it. 

Here Luke is kissing Marty in the funny way: 
...have to admit, that does look pretty similar to the onlooker I guess! 

Hahahaha we are both sitting here crying with laughter! Straight to the blog sorry Luke...Bringing this up in a few years time I think....

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