Thursday, 4 December 2014

Santa over the years

Thanks to rascals and Harvey Norman, we get to visit with the best Santa every year :) I love watching the kids grow through the years (here it's Kate because she's the only one game enough to sit with Santa every single year even as a little one!). Now that they all Iove photos with Santa we will do this yearly until they protest! 
2009: jaimee is scared to get close at daycare
2010: a harvey Norman classic now the girls love Santa 
2011: Kate at rascals (and 2012 too!) jaimee is at school and lukes too little.
2013: we all get in on the action too at Dannivirke Fantasy Cave! 
...and this year we went back to our favourite Santa at Harvey Norman :) 

I would like to do this yearly will all the kids until they protest against it - who knows, we may see 18 year old Luke one day beside Santa! 

They know all about Santa and how real he is, but we all have fun playing at Christmas, after all - who doesn't want a stocking of treats appearing (I still have one at 32!) hehehe 

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