Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Good things take time

Jan 1982...it all starts here
I have lived three decades now....my, how I have grown.
Life is good...in fact, I believe that decade number 4 is going to be my most wonderful decade yet.
 I have a loving husband, 3 precious children, a God who I grow closer to every day, I am surrounded by the most amazing family and friends - genuine, caring, trustworthy and thoughtful blessings in my life that they all are.
Check out my mum - 21 with a newborn Nikki!
I am happy, I am content, I praise God for 30 wonderful years....and say with joy: "bring on the next!!!!"

1 year old...
1987....5 years old

3 years old and pretty cute huh?
Angel at 2

7 years old...1989
My 12th Birthday

THAT perm!  16 years old (cringe)
Me on my 13th birthday...very trendy - not!!!
At my 7th form school ball.  1999

14 years old with my mummy

My 21st...the day before our wedding
Marty's favourite stage....and when he met me!  19 years

Our first photo together..I was just about 20 here and in Scotland

1st Feb 2003...21 years old...

2004..enjoying married life

Our Miracle Jaimee...2006
Kate's dedication - 2008 (with the Winters Family)


...and this is me now.  
...What a great journey it has been so far!


  1. wow, you at 5 is a spitting image of Jamie! Congrats on 30 years well lived. Hope the next decade brings you a heap of joy, laughter, growth, memories to look back on as an old lady and giggle about and even some trials because those are where God refines us. So glad to have met you Nikki. You are a very special lady. Happy Birthday. x

  2. Congrats Nikki! I vividly remember these past 24 hours 30 years ago - ha ha, and tucking into cold baked beans straight afterwards coz I was starving after all that work!
    Loved you then, loved you still - always have, always will.
    Personally I like the other photo of us together at your aged 9. I'll email it to you.

  3. thanks Mum, added those! :) Thanks Anna, I think you are an amazing friend too xxx

  4. Happy birthday Nix! *big hugs* Congrats on the big 3-0! Hope you are having a fabulous day, looking forward to seeing you guys on the weekend.

    Love this entry, so cool to see all the old pics. I am lol-ing at the perm, I so remember that! :P